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Ask An Anthropologist would not be possible without the faculty and graduate students that volunteer their time to answer questions, help with backyard experiments, and research topics. In addition, for their help in building this site there are a few other people past and present that we would like to acknowledge.

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  • Karla Moeller, 2014-2016
  • Alexandra Norwood, 2014-2016
  • Julie Russ, 2014-Present
  • Amy Peterson, 2017-Present

Story Editors

  • Kierstin Catlett
  • John Rowan

Review Editor

  • Halszka Glowacka
  • Amy Peterson, 2017-Present


  • Kierstin Catlett
  • Hallie Edmonds
  • Halzska Glowacka
  • Genevieve Housman
  • John Rowan 
  • Benjamin J. Schoville
  • Irene E. Smail
  • Amy Peterson
  • Alexandra Norwood


  • Alejandra Ortiz

Question and Answer Coordinator

  • Alexandra Norwood, 2014-2017
  • Amy Peterson, 2017-Present

What can rocks and sediments tell us about how our ancient ancestors developed over the last 4 million years?
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