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Current lab projects

Lots of anthropologists conduct their own lab analyses in universities and research facilities across the globe. Here is a just a brief glance at what some anthropologists at Arizona State University (ASU) do:

Scanning skulls

One technique involves using visualization technology to understand differences in primate skull forms. Three-dimensional models of primate skulls are created and then (virtually) sliced and diced to look at the bone and its morphology.Virtual analysis of bone morphology. 

Peopling the Caribbean

ASU graduate student María Nieves-Colón working with a DNA sample in the lab. Image courtesy ASU Institute of Human Origins.Many scientists are interested in learning about human history from archaeological sites in Puerto Rico. Scientists collect DNA from skeleton samples found at these sites. This DNA will be used to find out how people populated the Caribbean.

These are not the only projects happening in the study of biological anthropology. Click to learn more about the projects and research going on in the Institute of Human Origins.

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